Katherine Lawrence Ireland
28 Feb 2019
Katherine Lawrence has a remarkable journey of recovery from endometriosis by adopting a Whole Food Plant-Based diet. See Personal story at Nutrition Studies (2015; updated in 2019) and the videos below.
Katherine's Story

Katherine Lawrence Ireland was an aerospace engineer in the military. Diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis (ovarian cysts, uterine cysts) at age 27; pretty aggressive; scheduled for hysterectomy (uterus removal) because she was high risk for endometrial cancer. Shocked! Her mom used to end up in hospitals due to 'heavy cycles'; had hysterectomy before 40; her grandmom had had hysterectomy as well.

Katherine asked docs: does it have to do anything with food / diet? Docs said no. Told what there's no cure; "some women just have it". Mom kept pushing her, "i want grandkids! let's find another way out!"

Incidentally, a vegetarian friend dragged her to a nutritionist. The conversation with the nutritionist was a "hard conversation!" What was so hard? Nutritionist asked her to consider removing meat and dairy from her food system. Katherine says, "at that time, if i were to take those out of my diet, the only thing that would remain was sugar!" Katherine didn't believe that this kind of an intervention would actually work. Luckily, her hysterectomy was delayed by a few weeks, so she decided to "try this stupid diet" but she didn't expect it to work; she had decided to go through her hysterectomy. Katherine's diet was WFPB, with no strictly oil (she cheated a bit).

After 5 weeks, Katherine showed up for her hysterectomy. The surgeon didn't go through the procedure? Why? Because most of her problems were actually gone! She didn't need a hysterectomy any more. "This is a miracle!" said the surgeon, "We have never seen anything like this!" Katherine's mom told doc that she has been doing this "weird diet" that's most likely cured her. Doc refused to believe, saying "this is not diet related; this is a miracle!" :)

After about 6 months, fibroids in breasts (seven of them) completely dissolved. Cholesterol dropped; blood pressure went down; lost 55 lbs.

Complete mental acceptance for this "weird diet" didn't happen until the 6 months mark. After 6 months, she 'surrendered' to the new way of eating, after having witnessed so many positive changes in her body.

Katherine has three children, raised Whole Food Plant-Based from childhood.

(3 mins, 2020) Personal Story
(14 mins, 2020) Interview with PCRM
(37 mins, 2020) A Longer Interview with PCRM
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